Liquor Stores

Rapid Funding Options For Your Liquor Store

We understand that you know your business better than anyone. We get it. That’s why Platinum Rapid Funding Group concentrates on providing capital quickly so you can concentrate on running your alcohol store your way, without getting bogged down into the minutia of traditional paperwork.

The U.S. alcohol, wine and beer sector is expected to continue to grow exponentially in the next couple of years, and we wish to assist you in making that occur. Liquor store owners turn to PRFG to level cash flow when the company is in a slow-moving period or to cover C.O.D. orders before the holiday. If you’re searching for working capital for your store, we can help.

At Platinum Rapid Funding Group, we offer stress-free funding options in as little as 5 days. Whether you require a little, quick capital infusion of $5,000 to buy inventory or $500,000 to broaden your business, we provide choices that fit your one-of-a-kind capital needs.

Click here to obtain a complimentary quote for liquor store funding. Our merchant cash advance will permit you to gain access to working capital for your liquor store’s unique requirements, including but not limited to

(1) getting inventory before peak seasons;

(2) covering payroll, taxes or advertising;

(3) dealing with unanticipated business costs; and

(4) broadening your establishment.

We are a direct funding source however — unlike standard bank loans — we won’t make you jump through hoops or wait months for funding. You’ve already handled enough documentation and bureaucracy to establish licenses and permits for your company. The benefits of our alcohol establishment funding options include:

  • Quick access to capital in approximately 5 company days
  • Flexibility to utilize your funding for any business requirement
  • Easy approval process with minimal paperwork
  • Funding alternatives for liquor stores with imperfect credit.

For liquor stores across the U.S., a small cash advance from Platinum Rapid Funding Group has been the right solution at the right time. It can be for yours, too. Let us show you how our monetary solutions can help you grow your business.