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Is it possible to get a small business loan with bad credit history

A business or a corporate credit card can help you obtain the buying power you need to run your company and keep your business’s expenses on track. Some cards also reward you in the form of cash back or airline miles for all your business purchases. While the business lending landscape has been constantly improving over the past few years, it is still challenging for companies that have less than stellar credit histories to obtain credit. Many banks are not willing to provide loans to business owners who have bad credit scores. Here is everything you need to know about getting business credit cards with bad credit.

Advantages of bad credit business credit cards

There are several advantages of such cards including, avoiding mix-up of personal and business transactions, easy management of employee spending, easy itemization of business expenditures, a good start for establishing excellent business credit, and huge discounts!

Budding entrepreneurs with bad credit usually hesitate to apply for a corporate credit card and small business loans. They believe that their poor credit history may be a stumbling block in their path to obtain corporate credit. However, there are still a wide variety of options available if you’re an entrepreneur with bad credit.

Apply for bad credit business credit cards at your own financial institution

You don’t have to go elsewhere to apply for your card. Consider applying at your existing financial institutions and banks. This will help you speed up the loan approval process. Your bank already has access to your financial records on file and they might consider your application despite your bad status.

Stick with one card company

There may be several offers, but it is always best to avoid card hopping and stick with one card company while you are trying to build your credit history. Do not sign up for multiple card offers in haste; this will not only make it complicated for you to manage your finances, but will also impact your credit score negatively.

Keep all your financial documents ready

Despite your poor credit status, the chances of you getting a business credit card are high if you can present the documents that will testify to your company’s financial stability. You can submit updated balance sheets and income statements together with your application form.

Establish a Separate Credit Line

Establishing a separate business credit that is different from one’s personal line is a logical way for entrepreneurs with bad credit. You can start by creating your own business credit account and by paying all your business bills on time. Ask your business credit card company if they provide financial reports to credit bureaus. And if they are not already doing so, you can request them to do so. Most companies are willing to do this at your request.

Make it a point to avoid your corporate credit card’s cash advance feature, as this will only incur more fees and costs. You must only use the account debt when your small business needs immediate funds. Paying online for your card bills will also help you save on processing fees rather than through your local branch or by post. Bear the above points in mind and avail business credit cards, even with bad credit!

Business Funding Makeover helps business owners get business credit cards, even with a bad credit and no personal guarantee. To know more about getting business credit cards with bad credit, you may visit wikihow.

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Is it possible to get a small business loan with bad credit history?

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In this tutorial, I answer a common question that I get on my apps of whether it is possible to get a small business loan if you have a bad credit history, and does bad personal credit history hurt the chances of getting a business loan.

The truth is that if you have not started a business, you will be unlikely to get a business loan. So you will need to take a personal loan. And if you take a personal loan that you will want to put towards your business, then the lender will take a look at your personal credit history. So your personal credit history does have an effect on whether you will be able to get a loan towards your business.

But there are a few options for you to get a business loan even if you have a bad credit history. The first option is to begin working on your business and to grow your business. Strong business fundamentals and growth can convince some lenders to lend money to your business. The other option is to try to get microloans for your business. My favorite microloan company is Lendio.

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Many people on my apps ask whether they can be eligible for a business loan if they have bad credit history. Unfortunately, even if you have good credit history, it isn’t always simple to get a big loan. Banks do not give loans to companies which have not started. There are many interesting micro-loan sites such as or but those sites do tend to focus on the credit history of the individual.

Also, there is the question of whether you should get a loan to fund your business at all. It is very risky. So be very cautious. And to answer the questions is it is possible to get a business loan with bad credit history, it is very difficult and at times not possible.

What I find is that often, when people already have a bad credit history, and try to get a business loan, then it is a bad sign because the bad credit history is the proof that this person has historically not handled loans well. So it is almost good that this person can’t get another business loan because they might end up shooting themselves in the foot with it.

If you find that you have bad personal credit history and are looking for a business loan, it may be because you already took out a loan before, and could not pay it back. So consider other ways to raise money other than getting a business loan. You can try to get an investment, donations, grants, or do creative things to raise money. I have videos on those fundraising techniques. So just keep in mind that if you have bad credit history, while it may be possible to get a business loan, getting a business loan with bad credit history is likely not a great option overall.

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